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who is sylvia?

Sylvia is a mum, entrepreneur, traveler and the creator of the popular websites 40plusstyle.com and the True Potential Academy. 

She helps women feel better about themselves and get more confident so they can tap into their truest, fullest potential.

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  1. Mara

    Hi, Sylvia
    I may have to move in a few years and leave Mallorca, where I’m living now, to be closer to my mother. She’s in good health now, but she lives alone and is approaching eighties, and changes can happen suddenly at her age. This is a bit scary for me because I’ve been working in the same place for 14 years, and I actually like it.
    Anyway, if I’m still living here five years from now, I see myself in a more beautiful and organized home with plenty of flowers in the garden, taking short walks by the beach or cycling in the countryside with my partner, painting or reading at the weekends and flying home in Valencia more often to be with my family and my friends there. I see that I can enjoy both my free time and my job as a teacher because I’ve become a more disciplined person.
    Thank you so much, Sylvia, for making me realize that my ideal life is not as far and hard to achieve as I had always thought.

    • sylvia

      It truly is! You may even think of your life as ideal right now. Remember, it’s only your thoughts about a situation that gives it its meaning. Thanks so much for participating Mara.

  2. Christine

    I loved writing my story. I saw my future in full colors like a dream! I see myself in a warm country, living in a wonderful house by a lake together with my husband. My office is overlooking the lake. I love my office as it’s where I can be creative all day and make my jewelry. It’s now been sold all over the world and I have a small team to manage the logistics. I can spend most of my time just being creative and create new designs. I have time for walks and reflection but am happy that I can still work and create my jewelry.

    Thanks so much for this fun challenge Sylvia! I’m definitely considering your program.

    • sylvia

      A wonderful vision Christine. I look forward to helping you make it a reality!

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