How to cope in a crisis
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The world is in a bit of crisis at the moment and it can feel difficult to cope with all the changes and restrictions.

But there are actually quite a few things you can do. And one of the key things it to learn how to manage your emotions, especially around anxiety and fear.

In this podcast I discuss how you can use my ABLE framework to better manage your mindset and emotions. You will learn how to not let your emotions get out of control so you’ll be able to keep your head cool and make the right decisions and focus on the right tasks ahead of you.

Listen to the podcast below

In this episode

  • How to use the ABLE framework to manage your mind and circumstances you find difficult to cope with
  • The importance of awareness
  • How you can allow emotions
  • The importance of practicing new beliefs
  • The right actions to take
  • How to correct when things go off the rails
  • why I love audio books as one tool to relax
  • ABLE: Awareness, belief, lots of action, evaluate

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Summary of the ABLE acronym and how it can help you

A = Awareness: first become aware of the emotions that you currently feel and take yourself through the 4 step process that I describe in the podcast to allow your emotions and understand them better.

B = Belief: trust that things will be ok in the end. There is no benefit in dreaming up a worst case scenario. Instead think of your dreams for the future. Right now may be the perfect time to make preparations for those dreams or take steps towards your goals.

L = Lots of action: take the appropriate action in this moment to cope in the best way you can and do things that will benefit you in the future.

E = Evaluate: if you’re not getting the desired results, evaluate the first 3 steps and determine where you need to tweak or get more clarity.

Remember that you are 100% capable at managing any situation in your life. Think of the ABLE acronym as something that can guide you.


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How to cope in a crisis
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