how i turned a JOB into passive income

Twenty years ago, I wanted three things: Enough Money. Freedom. And adventure.

So I started a business. I built websites for small businesses. I helped them with their online marketing.

I thought this would allow me to work when I wanted. And where I wanted. And make the money I wanted.

Did it work? No.

It wasn’t all bad. In the beginning, I loved it. I made money. My clients got more traffic to their websites. They got more customers. And they made more money.

It was great for my clients, but not so great for me. I had fallen into the classic trap. I didn’t have a business. I had a JOB. It wasn’t even a good job. I had stress. No care-free vacations. I was helping clients 24/7. 


it didn’t even pay all that well. I was trading hours for money.

My “business” didn’t give me the income, freedom, or adventure I craved. I knew there had to be a better way.

That’s when I decided to create passive income streams instead of a job. What’s a passive income stream? It makes money, even when you’re not working.

So what did I do? I took what I knew about coaching, and integrated it with everything I knew about online marketing. The result was a website for women over 40 who want to look more stylish and feel more confident.

I bundled everything I knew about style, coaching and confidence into helpful articles. I published them on the site.

I still helped and coached clients directly, but at the same time ALSO built my future passive income stream. I turned the marketing I created to get clients, into articles that help women all the time.   

Now, more than 450,000 women read those articles every single month. And every time they do, I get paid.

This publishing side of my business only needs a few hours of my time each week. Yet it earns many thousands of dollars every single month. On autopilot.

Now I have adventure. I can travel every day of the year. I live in several countries throughout the year. I have the freedom to choose when I want to work.

And that all happened because I decided to create passive income streams. The business can run without me. It’s given me the freedom I craved.

I believe every coach, consultant & creative should add a passive income stream to their business


Because it will give you the freedom to work when you want, whenever you want where you want and how much you want. That is what true wealth is all about. You get control over your life. You have choice and independence. You have freedom.

As a coach, consultant or creative, you too can build passive income strems for your business. So that in a few years from now, you will have this kind of freedom.

I now have multiple sources of passive income and I want to invite you to learn how you too can do the same.

Turn your coaching skills into passive income streams and grow your business at the same time. 

earn more money NOW and money on autopilot LATER.

It’s the smartest thing you can do for your business and your personal freedom.

Instead of a JOB you’ll create a business asset that will give you time. The most precious asset of all. If you want to know more click here


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