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1. How to reinvent yourself into an entrepreneur and discover your best business idea: Find that one sweet spot of what you know and love and that can be profitable

2. The ONE THING you need to do right now to get started

3. Your 4 step plan to make your first 10k

Your host

Sylvia is an entrepreneur, educator and business confidence coach who helps women over 40 start and grow their dream business.

Her website 40+style has helped millions of women improve their style with how-to guides and online trainings. 

Tap into her 20+ years of experience with starting and growing online businesses.


I credit much of my online success to Sylvia. When I have suffered from imposter syndrome, Sylvia's mental and practical support has helped clear away the fog so I can move forward. In fact, I am on IG because Sylvia saw how it would be a great medium for me; she quashed my doubts and I haven't looked back! Her own business success has always been a model, but her ability to bolster my confidence has had a positive impact on all the new challenges I face.

Mel Kobayashi

Sylvia was able to provide me with “aha!” moments at every session and a different way of looking at a situation that opened my mind. I gained tangible tools and results in my life. She would ask the right questions that would be super helpful. In addition, she provided some invaluable feedback for my life and business. If you have the opportunity to work with Sylvia, do so. You won't regret it.

Karen K.

Sylvia is the one that encouraged me to start a blog 7 years ago which I still absolutely love doing. She is still my blog "mentor" as she "pushes" me to start new things. In essence I am a very lazy person, not keen to learn new things although my colleagues and friends would be surprised to hear this. Sylvia is the complete opposite, always trying to improve herself, learn new stuff, better herself. I immensely admire that. She is responsible for me using Lightroom, Google Analytics and Instagram to mention a few. I love her force.

Greetje Kamminga

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