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HOw I came to be the confident (business) woman that I am today

HOw I came to be the confident (business) woman that I am today

As I'm entering my 23rd year as a business woman I often reflect on how far I've come. I'm a confident woman now with a successful business that can mostly run on its own. It wasn't always that way. I suffered from very low self esteem well into my twenties and wasn't...

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Your advice and endless inspiration is always so good!

Michelle Tyler

Great work Sylvia! This podcast is so needed! I feel so many women over 40 feel lost and confused when it comes to starting a business so I'm thrilled that you're doing this!!

Anna Rova, Girlskill

Wow, fantastic interview with @stylecrone. Hung on every word. Brilliant, both of you!

Leslie Gelber


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