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kids all grown up and want to do something new & exciting?

I help you get clarity and feel confident so you can succeed with your new ideas!

Empty nester or stay at home mum?

Want to finally use ALL your talents again and reinvent yourself? Perhaps start a business, get into the workforce again or succeed with your new project?

Never have the time to do what you want to do?

Let’s see how you can get control over your life, get organized and feel confident that you have lots of time for the things that are important to YOU!

Is it time to get back to you?

Have you been hiding your talents in the background?

Or perhaps you have used them to great effect in raising your kids?

But now you feel like tapping back into your hidden talents again.

You’re intelligent, you are creative. You know that you want to use more of your talents.

You just don’t know how.


Tap into your full potential

That’s where my training and coaching will help.

You can uncover why you don’t yet have what you want in your life. You can discover what’s holding you back.

An outside perspective can give you the clarity you need to understand what you want to do and where to get started.


Hey I'm Sylvia

Serial entrepreneur, a mother and a keen traveller. 

I love doing it all!

And it’s possible with a flexible online business. I served over a thousand customers and helped more than 14 million readers who have visited my websites on style and entrepreneurship.

I’m always ready for the next challenge, but currently I’m most passionate about helping you, get unstuck, reinvent yourself and tap into your truest, highest potential.

Read more about my story here.


“Your advice and endless inspiration is always so good”

Michelle T.

“I don’t know anyone who is as knowledgeable about online business as Sylvia. I love that she is now also a certified coach and can uncover some of the mental blocks that stop me from doing the work I need to do. It has been a real life changer!.”

Elaine W.

“You quickly helped me identify and think about reasons I am not confident with my style and how I choose to present myself through my clothes. You encouraged me to dream big”


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