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Do you need help turning your dream into reality?

Creating a successful business is not always easy.

Lots of things get in the way.

There are times when it all just feels like TOO MUCH to manage and perhaps your business has stopped being fun or even lucrative.

This is when the right support can really help.

Very likely I’ve been through what you are experiencing right now.

You can tap into more than 20 years experience in running online businesses. I also have a degree in marketing, am a certified life coach and NLP practitioner.  

I can help you identify what’s holding your back and then create a plan together with you.

Get the support you need to reach your goals!



    • FOCUS: Learn to focus on the RIGHT things that will move your business forward. 
    • MINDSET: How to get over your fear and get unstuck in your business.
    • PROCRASTINATION: What’s holding you back? What’s stopping you from reaching your full potential? 
    • STRATEGY: what do you need to to take your business to the next level and work FOR your business rather than just IN it. 
    • PASSIVE INCOME STREAMS: this is where the magic happens and you earn from assets that you created years ago. 
    • TEAM BUILDING: build a small and affordable team that works while you sleep.


How to create your brand

Find the identity that represents you in your best light

Finding your genius & what you want to create

When you tap into what you’re good at and passionate about, magic happens.

Getting traffic & building an audience

Without traffic or an audience for your offers, you don’t have a business.

Building an email list and connecting with your audience

Your email list is still the most important tool you have to reach your potential customers.

How to get over your fear and start selling

It’s not as scary as you think when you believe in what you offer!

How to blog like a pro and use it to grow your business

Use the power of the written word and SEO and get found worldwide.


I would love to help you get where you want to go.

Book a complimentary 1:1 consultation to explore if we are a good fit.

Don’t postpone on your goals and dreams and start taking action. A coach can be just the thing you need to help you move to the next stage in your life!

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